Vortex Coding Robot

$ 99.99


Vortex is an intelligent and responsive robot that will enable children to learn, play and coding. Vortex will bring together robotics with digital games through fun and interactive apps that allow children to explore, program their own games and solve problems. 

Take Vortex out of the box, pair it to smartphones (iOS & Android) via Bluetooth, and it is ready to run. The inbuilt computer and sensors keeps Vortex moving around, letting you maneuver it by simply tapping the screen, and interacting with various commands and game objects. Vortex features four pre-installed games: Bumping Fight; Virtual Golf, Driving, and Robot Soccer, all designed to be fun and intuitive to play. You can play against other people or the AI.

Vortex is an educational robot. It is an Arduino robot and also a scratch robot. It can be coded by Arduino IDE and Scratch 2.0. It can see and speak by using infrared, grayscale and sound speakers. Vortex can find its way around obstacles, detect lines, and report to you.

Vortex is programmable, and to do it you only need an iPad. Creating a dodgeball game is as simple as dragging and dropping couple of function modules into a visual workspace and tapping upload. Vortex also comes with pre-set courses that teach how to make use of its built-in capabilities, such as recognizing hand gestures, navigating around obstacles and avoiding drop-offs.


  • MCU: Atmega328
  • Power: 3.5~6V (4xAA Battery/USB)
  • Size: Diameter: 120mm; Height: 64mm
  • net weight: 260g
  • Support Bluetooth 4.0
  • App: VortexBot
  • Programming Method: WhenDo/Scratch/Ardunio