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5" Arcane Divination Gabriel Dunny By J*Ryu: Kints

Kid Robot

$ 49.99
5" Arcane Divination Gabriel Dunny By J*Ryu: Kints


The archangel Gabriel arrives to counter the presence of darkness within man, by leading those who seek the light into understanding and salvation. This ethereal being stands counter to those demonic forces who seek to confuse and misdirect, and offers salvation to those who are in need of healing. It is up to us all to determine what direction we go, and the methods in which we attain our goals, thus the ongoing battle between Demons and Angels rages on for all eternity.

Designed as an accompanying piece to the Jon-Paul Kaiser 5” Azazel Demon Dunny, the J*RYU Gabriel Angel Dunny 5” arrives to provide balance and harmony against discord and malcontent. Featuring a beautifully sculpted angel upon a crumbling facade, the 5” Gabriel Dunny stands watch and offers solace to all that seek peace.